• http://www.balloontirebicycle.com Marc P

    Those stem mounted shifters are great! The one piece cranks are pretty unusual for ten speeds too. Gotta be American made bikes. Probably these are one of the last models Rollfast made. They made tons of ballooners and middleweights that were really cool. The rear dropouts are neat too. They sure do stick out the back alot.

    • Tim Desmond

      I have similar Rollfast ten speed with chrome fenders, green +labels, two shifters, regular chrome handle bars (not racing style). Trying to find value. bobbitimdesmond@att.net

      • Egunz

        I have a very similar rust brown version of the Rollfast Super Deluxe, ever get a price quote for the value of your bike? Eric / gunzai@gmail.com

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    These look as if they were aimed at capturimg a little slice of the enormous Schwinn Varsity market. Interesting brake lever placement.

  • Barney

    Yep, the dropouts are pretty large. There are several accessory mount holes on them. I now have a rear rack mounted but can also mount fenders and one other accessory at the dropouts. The brake lever placement was in this position when I purchased the bike. I now have the bars rotated to the correct position where the levers are more upward, easier to work and can be used as a alternate hand position. If any one can pin down a year on these bikes I sure would like to know…..

  • Mike Yaccarino

    I have the same green Rollfast as yiurs. Can you send me some information about it?
    Thanks Mike

  • Barney

    I have yet to find any good information on Rollfast 10 speeds. I’ve checked the internet and local library and find nothing but the old single speed bikes. I’m still riding this one. It will be time for a good tune up, clean and polish this winter.

    • Joe

      I’ve just picked-up a Rollfast Firebird at a vintage bike show but can’t find any info about it. It looks as thought it from the 60’s leather Olypic seat. Do you have any ideas?

  • Sue

    I finally know what my bike is now! I was asked to remove it by an old landlord as a foreign student had moved back home and left it in the house, so I picked it up for free and loved the look of it so much that I kept it. It needs a new chain and a minor clean, possibly the cables need a little attention but otherwise it works fine-cant wait to get it out on the road!

  • dan

    Hi I have the identcal bike and have no idea of what is worth and can not find out any information if you have any please email me at danielcarlile08@gmail.com thank you very much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rubbersindenimpockets Adam Jansen

    Hey, I recently picked up a Rollfast Super De Luxe, I stripped off stem shifters, and components I will sell if someone is looking for repair parts. Msg me if interested.

  • Jennyxp009

    wow i just bought this same exact bike yesterday for 60 bucks! i love it! and everything is original with it still! 🙂

  • Jcruzinvestments

    Yep that’s it.. Got one hanging upside down right here on the garage ceiling, been there a good 35 years, looks good, little dust, same color as yours, everything original with all the stickers and still has metal drink holder, I read your post and can’t help but think about the mom.. Your poor wife is left out watching the dynamic matching duo share the moment, drum roll, I present to you a gift of priceless unity, the third bike for only an easily excusable, unquestionably justifiable, completing the knot of unity, eternal life binding 199, take it or leave it, take it, take it, take it..!

  • Chris Tobey

    Finally, someone else who has my bike. Can you post some info on the seat post? the one on mine has bent to the point of breaking

  • Joe Kennedy

    These are great. I am in the middle if restoring my Dads. Thanks for posting.

  • Joe Kennedy

    ISO original drop bars and shifters.