• Ben Hrouda

    That looks like the highest quality Roadmaster 10 speed ever made. It has real brakes, lugged (I am sure really heavy) frame and seems for all appearances to be a real bike and not a BSO (bike shaped object).

    The ghost of ‘the dude’ bows down in deference.

  • john Patterson

    Hey, I have an old sears 10 speed with ram’s horn handlebars from the 1970’s and i was looking for some of those brake levers that are L shaped that you pull upward… Do you know what they are called exactly so I could possibly look them up?

  • Barney

    The levers can be found on Ebay and some older bike shops still have these avaliable. I might even have a few sets laying around in my storage building (along with about 1/2 dozen more 10 speeds to pull parts from as necessary). Shot me an email if your insterested. These are easy to ship by USPS and shipping is pretty cheap… Barney

    • doninfosys

      Where can I get front bearings and cones for Roadmaster Pro Tour 26″ roadbike?

  • Brittany

    Hi Barney. I’m considering buying the ladies version of this 10 speed. It’s identicle to yours but with a step through and about a 48cm top tube. I’ve been searching the www for info about these bikes but can’t find anything. Do you have any idea of what they’re worth? What year they were made? Any additional info..
    The guy who I might buy it from wants $125. Any input you or anyone else can offer is much appreciated.

    • Maribel

      Hi Brittany , have you found that female bike???

  • Barney

    I couldn’t find any info on the Pro Tour bikes either. Roadmaster has been around for awhile and I still see plenty of them but I’ve never seen another Pro Tour. I would guess a date in the early 80’s. I enjoyed this bike. Easy to keep up as parts and tires are easy to obtain tune-ups are simple. I would probably give $125 for a Pro Tour in really good shape if I needed a bike. It should last a long time. I enjoyed riding this one…

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