• BeaterRezQ

    Barry M., both versions of your bike are really nice….even with the funky bars on the original setup. I like the “user friendly” modifications that you did to come up with a really nice and comfortable bike, albeit for a leisure cruise or lengthy commutes.
    Glad to see the “good guy” was able to recover while the thief left empty-handed.

  • Ryan Surface

    Head-shake at the mentality that stealing is no big deal but pumping up a flat tire is too tough to contemplate…..+1 with BRQ on this bike ending up with a good guy. Love the stealth look of the black paint, in a way with the bars saddle and seat bag it echos a 50’s Raleigh 3 speed or modern day Pashley Guvn’or. I am betting you get some smiles, double takes and questions on your MS 150 rides.

    Nice job Barry