• http://twitter.com/robofunc Matt Kannenberg

    Whoa! That sure is a chrome bike. Nice.

  • BeaterRezQ

    Cameron, hats off to you for allowing this bike to slip past the “editing room” and into the Gallery!
    You, my friend are too kind and way too cool. You must be a bike nerd also!?!
    After reading the old post/submission–I can’t believe how lamely I tried to justify why this bike should make the cut. A “touring” bike, it’s almost hilarious now.
    I get so many stares when I commute on this bike to work, or anywhere in general. Come to think of it, I don’t know if they are looking at the bike that I am riding as much as they are trying to see what the heck is blinding them. I’m sure that there are many more bikes out there that are lighter and have better components than this little beast, but it’s my own creation and it’s really hard not to smile while riding this old Ruffy..

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    No point in voting this month: that there is definitely the OTSOTM. If every American were issued a bike like this one at birth, the world would be a better place. Do I sound overwhelmed? Well, I am. And yes, Beater, I recognize that pie plate from an old Electric Light Orchestra album cover…I just can’t remember which one.

    Gad, sir, you (and your splendid steed), dazzle me!

    • BeaterRezQ

      Thanks always for your kind words, and I love ELO.
      Here’s just one more pic so that you can enjoy the zoom in and zoom out function for a get closer inspection of my lil’ beast.

  • CliffClimber

    The small 20 odd tooth chainring is useless? Pfffft. Flatlanders.

  • Hugh

    I don`t know that a bike has to have drops and a racing saddle to be a ten-speed. After it`s not called Old Ten-Speed Road -Racer Gallery. I think this type bike is
    going to grow in popularity as the Baby-Boomers become the Senior Citizens. Very practical set-up for short urban commuting / Campus-Bike. I don`t know if I am digging those block pedals though. You may have crossed the line there : )

  • Docsprocket


  • John h

    WOW !!!! You got my vote. When it comes to chrome I’m like a moth to a flame.

  • BeaterRezQ

    Thanks all for your kind words!

    Hugh, dude-you must have super-powers! You just described my whole life in one short paragraph….amazing!
    As far as block pedals: I suffer from flat feet caused by wearing skater shoes (Vans mostly) in my formative years as well as into adult hood and soon into senior citizenry. Heck, I wore Vans when wearing Vans was not cool.(if ever there was such an era?) I remember when the shoe box said “Hand sewn in the USA.” Block pedals seem so comfortable to me and my flat feet, not to mention an old bike nerd friend of mine gave me a boatload of NOS Union pedals made in West Germany–still in original boxes. I would put ’em on my road bikes but the Spandex Brigade would probably chase me down and beat me up.(or at least try…chuckle,chuckle)
    CliffClimber, lol….I am a flatlander! The only time that I go off road is when some idiot veers into the bike lane. I love my teeth and would like to keep ’em a few more years. My bones..complete and all in one piece.