• Bill

    Bike thieves will take any bike that works. Better make sure you lock it up.

  • John Adams

    We used to rent a condo in Bonita Beach, FL, every Feb. I found a similar Huffy in a thrift shop and rode it every Feb. for 3 years. It spent the other 11 months in a storage room and no one ever bothered it. I took a few parts down every year and slowly improved it without spending much. We aren’t going back this year, but I donated it to the condo owner before we left last Feb.

  • Ben

    So I was fiddling with the brakes and the one lever broke. I got fed up with the bike and gave it to someone else at the local bike coop. I will look for a slightly better bike for campus.

    • RussianBot

      I had this bike as a kid. It sucked….but I miss it. Weird.