• Nathan

    Wow! Look at those brakes. I’ve never seen brakes like that. That color is beautiful. How much did you pay for this one, Ben?

  • Bob

    Very cool, especially the brake calipers.

  • eric

    Yeah, this is gorgeous. Champagne is my favourite bike colour, too.

  • Ben

    The bike cost $8 and all I have done is wash the garage dust and grime off of it. The whole running gear, including the brakes, are Shimano’s low end aero group.

  • Bob

    The Huffy Aerowind – for the front brake calipers!

  • Nathan

    Neck and neck Scout vs. Aerowind – Huffy battle!

  • stappy

    Anyone know of someone with that cool suede saddle?? I have a very very very clean Aerowind BUT someone put a hard wide spring seat on it.
    BEN: You ever get those stupid little metal cable clamps on the top tube stuck in the seam of your jeans? Stupid screw on clamps… Fun ridin bike.

    • kenneth lane


  • raymond jay poile

    i just picked up a whole 1982 aerowind today – it has everything on it – 1-605-494-0355

  • raymond jay poile

    and the seat is original the whole bike is great but i am only 5′ 3″ tall – there was no way i was going to let the dump crush it =}

  • edh

    The more I see these on the net the more I want to get one for myself.

  • Gib

    What’s the price for good condition Aerowind? Anyone have an idea? I saw a CL ad for $600 for a nearly perfect one.

  • Ben

    I think a pristine condition one might be worth a few hundred dollars to a collector. I sold the one pictured here, and it was in very good condition, for $125.

  • Marc Zehnder

    I have a Huffy Aerowind that I’d like to sell if anyone is interested. It’s in very good condition and even has the suede seat!

  • kenneth lane

    have”the dude” aerowind and would like to know what kind of price should i ask

  • kenneth lane

    areowind,I have the exact bike in this picture

  • Idontrecall

    That’s not a Sach Huret, that’s a Shimano Positron AX. http://www.disraeligears.co.uk/Site/Shimano_Positron_AX_derailleur_%28AX10%29.html

  • monica

    does any one know where to get new brake pads for the huffy aerowind,or what the paint color is?

  • Mark

    I have both the women’s and the men’s Aerowind bikes. Both all original and in good condition. Low miles. Call if you would like to buy them. Looking for $250 plus shipping or local pickup (Indiana ). 765-860-8689

  • Teh Landstander

    I have one of these… pretty sure they’re all 12-speed.