• Dan

    Wow, that’s a beaut! Nice build too. Congrats.

  • Hugh

    Sweet Ride! And very nice work.I love my Gran Tourer! It
    might be the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden.

  • Emilio

    My dad’s friend gave my father this exact same model bike because he didn’t want it anymore. It sat at my dads shop for a week while I worked for him and all I could do was admire it. That weekend my dad had a sell and had that Team Fuji sitting outside for sell for 10 dollars. I grabbed the bike and took it back inside and told my dad I wanted it. Best thing I ever did. Got new tubes and ride it every chance I get. Such a beautiful bike.

  • Alex

    Any idea how much this bike is worth? I picked one up the other day for super cheap. No plans to sell. Just curious.

  • Ryan Surface