• Jeff

    In Pic #4, what is that wire resting on the front tire behind the brake? I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    • older1

      That loop of spring wire is called a “tire saver”, and are mounted at the caliper stud nuts, Jeff. “Tire Savers” were a common accessory decades ago. Their purpose is to rake off any sharp thing that may partially imbed itself into the rubber of a smooth-tread road tire before the next wheel revolution which would only drive the sharp thing deeper into the tire (and eventually into the tube). I think their effectiveness must have been questionable, so they fell out of favor, but you would think any simple, inexpensive flat-prevention technique/component would always have value. Check out sheldonbrown.com or do a web search for other references.
      Anyway, that’s a quality bike, Big Al!

  • Connor B

    Could you tell me your chain size? I lost my chain while cleaning and am having a bit of trouble finding a new one that will fit.

  • Brett Rosselle

    Any idea what the value is for one of these Sears bikes with the 531 frame? I have the exact same bike as what is pictured, and am wondering if it’s worth having it repainted.


  • steve

    I also have the same bike in Portland. Great bike.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001595850740 Steve Hermosillo

    My Father had this bike and I wish i still did! It road so smooth compared to my Free Spirit that was even newer. I loved that bike!

  • Evanthepanther

    a thrift store in my area (detroit) has the same bike, but it is really tore up; the chain is covered in rust, as well as the gears; and some genius pulled off the wrapping on the handlebars. I’m going tomorrow to pick it up and refurbish it. Should be a pretty little thing once I’m done