• Ed H

    Very nice color, don’t change a thing.

  • janet

    how much is a schwinn caliente worth? I am looking to buy one from someone on craigslit but don’t have a referece price. Thanks!

  • Richard Blunk

    My 12 year old grandson is cleaning up a ladies version of the same bike. Color and all. The tires are shot (although they do still hold air) and the decals are kind of shabby on one side but it should clean up and make a pretty good looking ride. It’s been hanging in a shed for almost 28 years. Got it free when my buddy was cleaning out his shed. Color is really cool!

  • Skeeter

    I have a ladies copper Schwinn Caliente just like the one above only my decals are getting cracked, does anyone know where new decals may be found, I have tried EBay.

  • Peter Piper

    I have one just like this for sale. It also has a generator set and horn. The bike has only had two owners. Make me an offer if interested. I traded some carpentry work for it. I have two many projects going on. My e-mail is korndeezy@yahoo.com It will be a lot cheaper than the two listed for 450 on ebay.