• edh

    How much do you want for the 1972 Super Sport?

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    These 2 bikes really make me want to go bike hunting! But I have sell a few to make room first.Both really nice finds!

  • Elwood

    Have a 1973 baby blue S/S just like the one in the picture.Got it brand new after being run over by a pick-up truck on my green 1969 5 speed colligate.I always get comments on the color, how tall it is and how heavy it is.Just after that I usually blow their pedals off with my 35# chunk of steel. Is this bike still for sale and if not, what kind of price did you get for it?

  • Chase

    Yeah, how much? And what’s your location?

  • Bill

    sorry the bike is long gone. sold for $200. Just spotted it back on CList –> its been converted to a single speed. :( and he’s trying selling it for more!