• edh

    How much do you want for the 1972 Super Sport?

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    These 2 bikes really make me want to go bike hunting! But I have sell a few to make room first.Both really nice finds!

  • Elwood

    Have a 1973 baby blue S/S just like the one in the picture.Got it brand new after being run over by a pick-up truck on my green 1969 5 speed colligate.I always get comments on the color, how tall it is and how heavy it is.Just after that I usually blow their pedals off with my 35# chunk of steel. Is this bike still for sale and if not, what kind of price did you get for it?

  • Chase

    Yeah, how much? And what’s your location?

  • Bill

    sorry the bike is long gone. sold for $200. Just spotted it back on CList –> its been converted to a single speed. :( and he’s trying selling it for more!

  • Brian Miller

    I recently got both a newer ’81 and and older ’72 super sport. Very different but nice rides. They aren’t as pretty as yours though. I’m still working on appropriate and tasteful upgrades since I’m not into restorations.

  • Kathy

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  • Luca Matrill

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    The bicycle look stunning and seem like a masterpiece of engineering. Very high quality pictures make this article simply great!

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    Incredible bicycles, both of them. Amazing condition as well. They might be costly, but they are more than worth buying.

  • http://online-phd-uk.co.uk/split-site-phd-program/ Brooke Sheppard

    These bikes are amazing. It is hard to believe that only ten years separates them in age. Thanks for sharing this post and the pictures.