• Alex K

    Sort of looks like an old Rene Herse crank. Its french, so I assume there are knockoffs.

  • Hugh

    The name alone is enough to rate a first class restoration, “Aerospace Pro” You gotta love that. I remember hearing about those brittle forks years ago.
    Are you familiar with a store called Alfred E Bike in Kalamazoo? I order parts/components from them from time to time.Good people to deal with. Maybe one day I will make it to the actual store.

  • Bill P.

    Viscount was an English brand, not French.

    The cranks are OEM Viscount/Lambert/TA.

    The drops aren’t abnormally large, but are larger than my other bikes. So their size in the photo is probably a combination of that and forced perspective.

  • Bill P.


    I have shopped at AEBike numerous times. They have a nice shop and nice people who work there.

  • dan lenik

    The cranks are T/A knockoffs. These bikes are extraordinary as they have pressed bearings in the bottom bracket as well as the campy knock off hubs! This is a great example of a low cost lightweight ten speed bike! Keep on riding!

  • dan lenik

    Pronounced Vye cant.

  • J. Valentin

    Beautiful bike – do you ride it a lot?

  • Bill P.

    At this point, I am still fine tuning the fit, but it gets ridden a fair amount. It has a very smooth ride.

  • Ken C

    I survived the Viscount aerospace pro. Forks never snapped off but I had a peddle spindle snap.

  • cb400bill

    Here is a recent pic I took while on a local color tour ride.


  • cb400bill

    Here is an updated picture I took of my Aerospace Pro.


  • Doug Hack

    I have owned and loved a Viscount since about 1990. It was a garage sale find, and I knew nothing about its history for the first few years. I have changed every component on it and I love the way it feels. I’ve had over a dozen other steel frames (531, Columbus) during the same time period and this is still a favorite. The replacement steel fork was something of an anchor so I recently replaced it with a lightweight aluminum fork with much less offset. I like the bike even better now. It is currently a 21 speed. I’m not a purist, I always change the components on my bicycles. The original components on the Viscount were okay, but not great. If you can find one of these to buy (they are usually cheap), get it just for the very light frame and unique feel. The bottom bracket spindle accepts most traditional cotterless cranks, and the sealed bearings are a standard replacement. (Same as Phil Wood).

  • Dee

    I couldn’t sleep, decided to google my old faithfull Viscount and got thrown into your site. Can’t believe there’s other idiots out there who wont part with them!! You lot all sound way technical.You’d be mortified if you saw how shabby mine looks. It hadn’t had a service in about 10 years till I sent it in to Arragons in Penrith in Cumbria when I moved here; they did a fantastic job once Phil stopped laughing!! but I would’t let em ‘tart it up’. It’s a ‘Good Sport’ or a ‘Good Sprint’ or something. Does that mean anything to anyone?? I’ve had it years. It’s still a lovely ride. It’s indestructable’ been under several busses, parked cars that kindo thing, I’m afraid it’s had a bit of a hard life!

  • Dee

    In case you think I’ve lost it the above was posted at 23.30 ish GMT not 5pm so your site must be somewhere far sunnier!

  • Doug Hack

    Glad to hear from another Viscount owner. My current love is a new (to me) 40 year old Cilo, but the Viscount may return to number one once the novelty wears off. I think what makes the frame so good is the low bottom bracket and the moderately long chainstays. With 73 degree frame angles this is a perfect sport touring geometry. I wasn’t too happy with the 55mm offset (low trail) on the official replacement fork. The bike is more responsive with less offset. Mine doesn’t have the “aerospace” decal, but I hadn’t heard that they made more than one frame model (at least in the early years).

  • Jim

    Hello, I have a viscount aerospace gran sports 10 speed bike that I bought new back in the day. I’m trying to find some info if it is worth fixing. I need to put new tires, replace some broken spokes and true the rims. The rest of the bike is in great shape.

    Look forward to your reply!
    thanks Jim

    • Bill

      Of course it is worth fixing up. Tires and spokes aren’t very expensive and truing the rims usually isn’t a hard job.