• Steve P

    Hey Bill. good to see you here and I’m glad the bike is treating you well.

    Yeah, I’m the guy that rebuilt your Batavus.

    I’m still impressed with the way that bike turned out. It looks great!

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    I love Monte Carlo this time of the year(: Seriously,Great bike.I love that head-badge. I will be watching for it as I search the Garage-Sales and Thrift-Stores of SE Michigan.

    • Jeff

      I have seen a bike almost exactly like this… Only it is orange. A kid in the neighborhood is looking to sell it for cheap. He wants a bmx bike. I found this post looking for a similar bike for sale because it looked like a really old and well put together bike… What is it worth? I bet he would take 200 dollars without blinking… Anybody know? you can email me at all one… my designer at s b c global dot net. Thanks guys! ~ jeff

  • older1

    Very nice OTS, Bill!
    It’s difficult to imagine Batavus wouldn’t be responsive to your congenial inquiry. I empathize with your statement “maybe I will not be so interested in a new Batavus”. Perhaps it was just an isolated (insincere) associate not properly representing Batavus’ intangible principles. It does raise the question, though, how much genuine value is placed on the consumers they desire to attract to currently offered products, doesn’t it?
    One would expect successful manufacturers, in overt competitive marketing attempts to achieve (lucrative) iconic dominance, should be motivated to welcome enthusiasts who continue to enjoy their products, no matter how primitive.
    Unfortunately, while some manufacturers proudly embrace their history (if for no other reason than to document long-term enthusiastic progress to investors), it appears others determine to only display a myopic, “forward-driven”, “positive outlook”, deliberately attempting to ignore their past, to their own loss.

  • Info

    Though the Dutch company Batavus knows how to build a bike they weren’t too bright in maintaining logical framenumbering. I own one myself and figured the numbers on the bottom of the bracket shell would easily date it, but it could also refer to a part number.
    If the rims are orignal the outside of the hub usually has markings on it.

  • Tracymitman

    I have a Batavus Monte Carlo just like the one in the picture (even the same shade of blue). I’m very sure I bought it when I was in 8th grade and that would’ve been 1970/1971. It still rides wonderfully and has needed very little in upkeep. They sure don’t make them like they used to!!

  • Gusmassard

    I bought one just like it in Tempe,AZ brand new in 1973 during the gas embargo. I rode from ASU to Mesa Community College. Not as light as my Legnano but smooth and straight! COOL!

  • Ciara

    What this bike is worth? I’ve seen a similar one for sale in Brooklyn, but I’m not sure if the price is fair. Thanks for the help!

  • Oldperch

    Just picked up an old Batavus Tour de l’Europe at a second hand shop in Wisconsin. I know it’s not very special, but very happy to have an old style 10 speed to ride. Seems light, strong and in really decent shape for the age. Also find a lack of info about them; came with a big fat padded spring seat- might need to be replaced.
    Looking forward to taking it out.