• Alex K.

    That schwinn is a beauty. That bike is the back you go back to when the Italian Supermodel breaks your heart, and its always there to pick up the pieces, and then you remember what you fell in love with in the first place.

  • http://OTSG Dave McIlnay

    I had the twin to this bike once. Bent the frame and had to part it out. Good luck with yours,you have a real classic.

  • Joe B.

    I recently restored a Schwinn Caliente very similar in color. Old bikes are KEWL!

  • John Roger

    Just got a bike just like this in the garbage, frozen head bearings, and bent crank arm. although the paint is reallly nice!

  • http://yahoo joe young

    how can dertermine what year continental i have?

  • http://N/A Jim Pirt

    Hey I’ve got either a 72 or 73 Schwinn Continental. It’s orange (not metal flake)and I bought it when I was 13yrs of age.
    How do I determine which it is?

  • Tim Parker

    I have a 1973 Schwinn Continental, fully original except for a replaced rear wheel and new bar wrap.

    It was my grandfather’s and I love it, but it’s too small for me and I live in a city with hills so its weight has also become a bother.

    It needs to be re-cabled, but is in good order otherwise.

    Anyone have an idea what it may be worth? I don’t want to be the jerk on craigslist asking way too much.