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    Crusty: Crappy + Rusty

    …Dive, All-Dirty, and the Pursuit of Crappiness”. The famous phrase from the A.M.F. Declaration of In Deep End Dents.

    The tires are actually fully inflated. Much like electro-forged Schwinns, the dead weight of the bike just makes them look flat.

  • Ryan

    What exactly where they pursuing? balloon tired beach cruisers piloted by the elderly?

    I think the Chrysler emblem was an attempt to add some “bling” and I am sure the owner couldn’t justify a Rolls or Mercedes emblem.

    Great example of what I call the 3 keys of “Craptacularness”
    1. SMS
    2. “safety” brake levers
    3. This is usually cottered cranks but the one piece is even better (worse?)

    I crashed on the bike yesterday (both me and the bike are still in one piece) so I needed a good laugh today thank you!


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      Bling. Now you made ME laugh, Ryan!

  • http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com Tim Joe Comstock

    Hey man I like it! I wrap my bars exactly the same way.

    BTW, that derailer close up looks like it could be on a locomotive.

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      Aren’t those early military-armored derailleurs designed to deflect point-blank .50 cal. rounds?

      • bill

        Mornin’ older1,
        I have seen a lot of these older, and some newer bikes that if they had had the armored derailleurs, they would have not been relagated to garage/barn status when dropped on the un-protected derailleur! I have tuned these bikes with a pair of channel locks!

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    After owning an AMF-Harley-Davidson as a young man, I can`t get myself to pick-up anything with the AMF badge/logo on it.(not even for free) They did make pretty good bowling alley equipment though. A Brunswick badge would have been more fitting than the Chrysler one.

    • older1

      Good one, Hugh! “Brunswick” would be an excellent choice because pedalling the cheap OTS’s we enjoy is similar to carrying four or five bowling balls; providing a challenging workout for cardio-vascular developement!
      A “Weider” or “Nautilus” badge could be more appropriate to make a weight-training connection,though.
      Speaking of sporting goods, we could also include names from the field of recreational sport-fishing, because just one complete Ashtabula crankset/chainring assembly (with ‘rat-trap’ pedals) would make an effective boat anchor…maybe too effective!

  • Gary

    That WOP (waste of paint) could inhabit a nightmare. Imagine: you go to ride the apple of your eye (in my case a vintage Mercian) and you find that “bike” in its place. Your wife wakes you up from your thrashing and screaming and you realize it was just a terrible dream.

    • older1

      Oh, come on, Gary, just look at it: it’s got a desireable alloy high flange front hub!

      • Gary

        I’d bet a high flange alloy hub that one is steel, like on a Varsity.

  • Juan Cruz

    Sorry that this post is not about the AMF, its about the Windsor Carrera. I think I have the same bike in the same color scheme. Are there any close ups? What year is it?

  • bill

    Hey JC,

    The bike is buried behind about 30 other bikes. It is hung up in the far corner opf the garage. It probably won’t see the light of day until my 12 year old grandson shows up! He loves that bike!

    I will try to get to it in the next couple of weeks or so.


  • Noclssgt

    Glad I found this. I’ve had an AMF for quite sometime that belonged to my uncle, then grandfather, then it was given to me when I started working at a grocery store. Before I had my license. Bike is hanging up on a bike rack in my garage. Needs new tubes and the gears fixed. But i still got it.