• BeaterRezQ

    I can’t tell by the pics, or maybe it’s my monitor–but is that bike gray/silver or chrome?
    I’ll bet that bike is lighter than the Deluxe Varsity that I’m working on, must be the world renowned “columbia tubing.”
    Gotta love the way that Cameron “mixes it up” in the Gallery. All bikes are interesting in some way or another. (well, most)
    Also, been wanting to compliment you Cameron for rearranging the furniture in the Gallery….nice job!
    You make it so warm and cozy in here for bike-philes to congregate. (is that a word?)

    ..I’ll take your two Columbia’s and raise you one Schwinn.”

    • oldtenspeed

      Thanks BRQ, in a ‘blog’ as in life, sometimes you need to turn things upside-down.

  • billnuke1

    Hey BeateRezQ,
    This little honey is chrome! What I have cleaned is blinding! Nothing like 30 years or so of dust and whatever to protect the finishes on these bikes! A little water under medium pressure and a lot of soap suds followed up with someWD 40 and a clean cloth and it is beautiful! I did the seat tube. Not so many decals!
    Hey, BeateRezQ! Too bad your not from around here if you like Varsitys because I’m trying to move a bunch of them!
    Nice job on the site Cam!
    Thanks, Bill

    • BeaterRezQ

      I love me a chromed bike, big time!
      That’s awesome, great find!!
      Most folks think chromed frames are easily scratched or damaged, I actually think that they are tougher and more durable. If you can get chrome to shine on a steel rim, handle bar, or seat post….imagine what you can do with a chromed frame with a little bit of tlc. I only see one or so possible trouble spots on that lil’ Columbia, the ashtabula crank, the freewheel and maybe the chain. I have restored a few chromies, and it’s well worth the time.