• billnuke1

    Well, I finally pulled the back wheel off and took it apart! Less than desired bearings on both sides! There is always a reason why a bike is not beinng ridden! I got lucky! No damage anywhere! I threw all new bearings in and I was down the road! Great bike! I love these Puchs! It will be “detailed” a little later! They’re piling up! Thanks Cam!

  • BeaterRezQ

    Bill, I don’t know how I missed this….a two-fer.
    The red paint still looks quite nice for being an oldie, and you can’t go wrong on a bike with a “real” headbadge.(crooked and all)
    Other than a little tlc, and the necessary back wheel repair…looks good to go. I had a 64 Puch, nicely made bikes.

  • Docsprocket

    sweet find bill. i just had a davidson painted that same candy apple red, the decals arrived today.
    waiting on a few small parts now send us some picks when you get her cleaned up i always enjoy the before & after ahots

  • Ryan Surface

    Score, that looks like it will really pop with some TLC and in the meantime its rideable, Like the good Doctor I hope to see some after shots