• Laverack

    What a beauty! I would wager that zip-ties were original equipment; no foul there. That sparkly-yet-formal-tuxedoey-matress-saddle alone is worth the price of admission. You have more bikes like this?

    • Billnuke1

      I do have more of these. I just picked a green boy’s bike that is the mate to this beauty! Lady was using it as a lawn ornament! I traded a blue Aerolight girl’s bike for it! The wicker basket looks better on the Aerolight!

      • older1

        I like the cool flat-panel, high-density LED headlamp!
        Oops, that’s right, they didn’t have LED’s back then; it’s just a big plastic reflector (I’m so embarassed).
        It’s just begging for a fresh set of whitewalls, though!

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    It needs a Quasitron.