• http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com Tim Joe Comstock

    That is certainly one business-like bicycle. Although I question what business it might be in. How much for the Quasitron spoke reflector?

  • older1

    Thanks for not letting us down, Bill! Amber/red with orange-alien SMR’s! It could actually clean up pretty nice with a little spit & polish.
    It does have a good-old-cottered 3-piece crank, and I’m going to guess that’s a Falcon icon on the front derailleur.
    That bike looks a little compact, though; does it have 26″ (or maybe even 24″) wheels? I’m also thinking the brake levers need to be further into the bends, and the chain may be somewhat long, too.

  • http://oldttenspeedgallery.com DOC SPROCKET

    the Front derailleur is made overseas it’s a falco. you can still get them front & rear

  • bill

    *Tim, I will entertain offers of $50.00 or so $’s for the “Quasitron” reflector and toss the bike in for free!

    +older1, It is a very solid child’s bike. I have been getting some older, high end bikes and this little gem has been relagated to back burner. I’m concentrating on stuff that I can ride myself! It is a 24″ wheel/tire with 60psi rating. I think that the little girl who rode this sat low in the seat and never grew out of that position. She might have been more comfortable with the other brake levers. As to the long chain, that rear derailleur/gear area is really gummed up and may pick up the excess chain after being degreased!

    *DOC Sprocket, There are “Falco” derailleurs front and rear that work surprisingly well despite the 50 weight used to lube the bike!

  • Rob

    I have one of those reflectors (mine’s yellow), and actually just rediscovered it last weekend on one of my childhood bikes in the basement! They came out of one of the kids cereals of the mid-80’s. I ate so many of them, I couldn’t tell you which it might have been.

    • http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com Tim Joe Comstock

      You ate Quasitrons?

      • older1

        Breaking News:
        Elusive Quasitron arch-enemy reveals his identity on the OTSG!