• Bill

    Oops. I have found out it is really a 1981 model.

  • Mike

    that is an awesome and EXACT same bike i have! except mines got a little rack on the back, but still nice!

  • paul

    i just bought this model on ebay (it’s my first road bike) and the first thing i see that it needs is new bar tape. could you email me/post a closer picture of the tapes around the brakes?

    ps-great looking bike!

  • paul

    right, but i was referring to how clean the tape looked around the brakes, the part that would be covered by a rubber hood on other models. i just wanted to see how he wrapped it.

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Oh get you now! Since these old bars are much more narrow than new bars, use that extra bit of tape to take it once around the lever. Exactly how to do that—T&E.

  • Bill

    Here is a link to a pic of a page I used to learn how.


  • AC AC

    What type of tires did you replace them with?