• Veloben

    Amazing! I had sent in photos of my, heavily ridden, 1980/81 Fuji Gran Tourer SE the day before this one was posted. That one survives un-ridden is really very cool. The 1979 version has what look like cable ties securing the rear brake housing while mine has three soldered metal bosses along the top of the top tube.

  • Bill

    The story of my unridden Fuji is I bought it in November 2007 at an LBS where it was on consignment. Somebody else had sat on it for 30 years. I rode it a little bit and then gave it to my brother. He loves it.

  • Rob

    I have one I’ve had since 1979, back then I worked at a bike shop and switched out all the suntour parts for shimano 600 stuff…

    I still have it but haven’t rode it in 20 yrs

  • Tim

    I’m Bill’s brother. Bill went into his local bike shop and the owner of the shop was unpacking the bike from it’s original carton and assembling it. Bill immediately knew what it was and purchasrd it on the spot. A couple months later he sold it to me and I have ridden about a hundred miles. When we were kids I had a Sekine 10 speed that I rode all over the place locally, this bike reminds me alot of that Sekine. Man, I loved that bike.
    I thought you might like to know the story,

  • Bill

    Yup. That’s my big brother. Always has to get the last word in.

  • Alex

    I have this exact bike! I’m fixing it up and adding a few extra’s but want to keep the frame original. Any idea where I could find those vintage decals for the black 79 grand tourer? some are scratched/missing and I’d ideally like to repaint the frame, apply replica decals and clear coat over them. Any help would be great!

  • Bill

    JRrestore on Bikeforums.net comes very highliy recommended.
    Join the forum, search the member list for him, and send him a Private Message.

  • juan Alderete

    I just found a very 70’s orange Fuji Tourer. Its had parts replaced but the rear tire is original from what I can tell (but it needs to be replaced!). I was wondering if there is an owner’s manual for the bike, online.

    It looks way cooler then my Torelli Tipo Uno. You just can’t beat the originals for style.

  • Bill


    What information about the bike are you interested in?

    • jason

      I have a fuji black grand tourer from when I worked in a bicycle shop in the late 60s and early 70s,I would like to sell but don,t know what worth.The bike has only been riden by me and in great shape.Only the tires have been changes a few years ago only cause I thought they may be dry rotten

      • Bill

        Jason, condition is everything with vintage bikes. If all the bearings have been repacked, the tubes and tires are in mint shape, and the bike is really, truly, ready to ride, maybe $125-150.

  • http://www.classicfuji.com/1974_07_Tourer_PageB.ht Bill


    I’m going to guess that this link might be of some interest.

  • Bill
  • Brian

    Quick Question for all you.
    I’m looking at purchasing this bike:
    I was wondering if you guys think this price is fair? Also, how heavy is this thing?
    Thanks guys.

  • Bill


    These bikes weigh around 30 pounds.

    Here is a link.


    The asking price is more than I would pay for a hi-ten steel framed bike with steel wheels.

  • Brian

    Thanks Bill.
    I am totally new to these types of bikes and stumbled across this website. It’s really informative. Any thoughts on if it would be worth putting lighter wheels on? I really have no idea how much each component weights. I’m assuming that most of the weight is in the steel frame? I think I’m going to pay a bit of a premium, (vintage road bikes are really popular in “The People’s Republic of Cambridge, MA”). I just want a bike to kick around town in, though, so the weight might not be a huge deal to me. You guys like riding these heavy old bikes around? I think I’d like it a lot, but don’t want to spend money on something I won’t like.

  • Bill

    These bikes ride very nicely. They are very smooth and handle well.

    Replacing the steel wheels with aluminum wheels would be the best way to reduce the bike’s overall weight. Steel wheels are heavy. Plus, your braking would be quite a bit better with aluminum wheels, especially in the wet.

    I’d recommend buying it and riding it as is first.

  • juan Alderete

    I re-examined my bike and its a Special Tourer. My problem is, I bought two wheels for it and the front fork is sized smaller then the axel. Do I have to buy a special axel/front hub for it?


  • juan Alderete

    um…axle. sorry!

  • http://drivennutrition.com Alexai

    I just bought one of these, slightly used today. Do any of you have an idea of what it is worth…i do not plan on selling it, too much fun!

  • Bill

    In mint shape, all lubrication updated, new tires mounted, cables in excellent condition, ie: truly ready to ride, around $100-$125.

  • Kevin

    I bought one of these for $40 dollars. The frame, cables, original drop bars and rat trap pedals, gear shifters, everything except the wheels is in great condition. That being said, I will probably drop another $180 just to soup it up into something truly epic and ride-able. Trying to find 27 x 1 1/4 white wall tires is pretty much a nightmare here in the states. Why do beach cruisers get all the sexy wheels?

  • Bill
  • http://santiago Jasser

    esa fuji estamuy linda es la misma mia pero la mia es dorada y participo en un gran tourer la enumeracion es 76092587 la corona dice fuji hi-speed steel tubing 661 la de mis compañeros son marca randor y free spirit pero no son tan proffecional como la mia kiero ayuda para averiguar si de verdad fue ganadora.gracias

  • cb400bill

    Above post after being run thru Babelfish.

    that fuji estamuy is contiguous is the same mine but mine is sea bream and I participate in a great one to tourer the 76092587 enumeration is the 661 crown says fuji hi-speed steel tubing the one of my companions are randor mark and free spirit but is not as proffecional as mine kiero aid to find out if he were really ganadora.gracias

  • rschalow

    I recently found a Fuji Gran Tourer that someone left at our dumpsters. The tires and tubes are shot, but the rest of the bike seems to be in good original condition. It is burgundy in color and appears to have 27″ tires, so I’m thinking it’s a 1978 model. Is this one rare?

  • Bill

    While there are a few of these bikes around, it is not really valuable or collectable, either.

    • ron

      Cannot be said for nowadays. I know this is 4 years old but I want ot update. One of these in this condition just went on ebay for over $1000 with shipping. So yes. the old Fuji tourers even the high tension steel bikes are becoming very collectable

  • nicki

    I have this bike, only the girl’s model, same color and the 2nd bar is at an angle for women. It is now 32 years old, and looks and performs the way it did when I bought it! Amazing bike. I recently bought new tires, 27 x 1 1/4 on Amazon! Fuji makes a great bike! I bought it in 1978 or 1979. Have always kept it covered up when not riding it, so no rust, and it still sparkles in the sun.

    • Bill

      I’m happy to hear that you still have your bike after all these years. I agree that Fuji makes a wonderful bike.