• J-One

    I have the men’s version. I would like to know more info on the bike in general and if you would like to sell your bike. Please e-mail me w/your comments.
    Thank You. J-One

    • Don

      I have a good friend with a suteki very similar to Bills daughters that is forsale. I will be able to get you a picture and price in a couple of days.

  • Bill

    My daughter is not interested in selling her bike. Here is a link to a site with some Suteki info.


  • bikebarn

    very nice track 10. i have the same one. would like to find a mens to pair up with the ladies that i have.

  • Bill

    They’re out there. Most are quite affordable, too.

  • http://aol Jack

    Bill, I just bought the exact bicycle you pictured at a church auction last night and would like to give it to one of my Grand Daughters.

    However, I know very little about it and value. Could you give me a short description and a range on what a bike similar to yours might be worth (as I will probably on the hook to give something in that neighborhood to the others)? Thanks in advance.

  • Bill


    The Suteki bikes are an interesting mix of an inexpensive high tension steel frame and midrange Shimano components. These bikes were made in Japan by Panasonic for Sears. They sold for around $300 at first and closed out in 1983 for $199.

    Here is a link to two pages from the 1983 Sears Christmas catalog.



    Many bikes purchased at yard sales, rummage sales, etc have been sitting for a long time and will need to be maintenanced to be safe to ride. Replace the tires, tubes and brakes if needed. Have the bottom bracket, steering stem and wheel hubs regreased.

    If all of that has already been done, these bikes typically are worth $125-$150. If this hasn’t been done, $50-$75.

    I hope this helps.


  • Patrick Malone

    Hi, i have a men’s Suteki 10 speed in real nice shape, would like to purchase a rear mounted rack for the bike, any help would be appreciated.

  • Bill

    Patrick, I would recommend joining an online classic bicycle forum such as the one on bikeforums.net and post a WTB there.