• tomshiba

    I just sent in “before” pictures of my latest find, an early 70s yellow Super Sport. I hope to post “after” pictures once it is finished.

  • Mary Ryan

    I have a Schwinn women’s Kool Lemon 10-speed bike that I would like to sell. I purchased it new for $75 back in 1971 (freshman year of H.S.). Very good condition except for a blown out tire. Would like to sell it because I bought a Trek. If you were me, how much would you price it at? Would try and sell via Craig’s List in Chicago. Thank you for the advice.

  • John Snyder

    Sorry, what are the heavy duty SMS’s you mentioned? I have a red ’73 Super Sport that I have poured a lot of money into.

    • Cameron

      SMS = Stem Mounted Shifters. For more pointless acronyms, check the glossary.