• Corey R.

    The Rutherford was likely named after the corporate office’s location, 50 Oak Street, East Rutherford, New Jersey. My father was the Senior VP of this company from its beginning to end. They became more popular in the 80’s as Freestyle BMX became more popular, and they were the organizers of many of the freestyle events of the time.

    • Rachel C.

      I just bought this bike at a yard sale because it reminded me of a bike I had as a teen. I have cleaned it up and it looks great. It still needs a little fine-tuning and grips but is almost ready to go. I was wondering if anyone has an idea on the year of manufacture. I have done extensive searches on the internet and cannot find it. Thanks!

  • Brian B.

    Anyone have information about general quality of these bikes. types of tubing used, etc..

    Have the oppurntunity to buy one but there is very little info out there about them