• Zach Newton

    I’m looking to restore my fathers old 10-speed free-spirit! I was wondering if you knew where I could find a set of Original Decals for it. I was also wondering if the tires are easy to come by?

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    I don’t know of anywhere that makes decals for free spirits. I’ve been toying with the idea of making them myself with Avery clear sheet stickers and my inkjet printer. As for tires, that’s easy, Niagra Cycle Works on Amazon has great prices on tires and thing. You will probably need 26×1-3/8 or 27×1-1/4.

  • Dan

    I rode a 1976 bicentenial edition sears free spirt from Balto. Md. to Tampa Fla. in 1979. It was stolen in Tampa. I was 18 alone had nothing. I’d like to have another silver model like it. I rode 110 miles one day and 120 the next. The trip took 2 weeks 3 days. I just got up one morning packed some stuff and my savings and took off.

  • Ryan

    This is identical to the bie that I have. I am planning on turing it into a fixed gear bike. Do you have any idea if a newer (different) style crankset will fit on the bike. If so, how exactly do I take the cranks off?

  • Tom

    After my bike got stolen yesterday, someone on Craigslist offered to give me their OTS for free. Turns out it is this exact bicycle! Picked it up this morning and I already love it. I’m wondering what year-range these bicycles came from? I want to be as accurate as possible when sending my information to my new bike lock company. 🙂


  • Dana

    My son was given this exact bike from our neighbor because his original mountain bike that was just bought 2 years ago was stolen and he LOVES IT!!! only thing is the bike tires were dry rotted and his intertubes were just as old so now i am trying to find new tires and intertubes for his 10 speed his tire size is 27- 1 3/8. any ideas? …. his still has the bar tape on it to , looks identical to the bike in the picture just not as shinny lol

    • steve

      did you find out which tires to get? i just bought one too….

  • http://gmail.com grant

    I just got a 1982 free spirit 10 speed for 15.00 and its in great condition it was kept in a basement for 27 years

  • Mark Ludovic

    I can’t belive how many old bikes still in use .I just revive mine after 30 years kept in basement also.Tire was rotted and front rim was destroyed.I replaced the old rim with a modern one size 622-19 and 622-32 tire.I already rode 120 Km in one day and was just superb.Original tire size is 630 rim with 27-1 1/4 tire.Mine looks exactly like in picture and I am so happy still have it.Great and durable bikes

  • fred

    Hello, Im in England and got given a free spirit ’82! It’s a beast. I’m wondering how that rear rack on this bike fixes on as am keen to load her up!

  • trang


    I just recently purchased a 1970’s women’s Sears Free Spirit. I don’t know much about bikes and there is not much information on the internet that I could find on it. I need new tires but I don’t know what size and what type of tires. Could anyone help me out here?

    thanks for your time!

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  • Jeff

    I’m looking for a 27″ mens free spirit 10 speed bike. I used to have one. Does anyone know where I get one.

    • lonnie

      this might be possible i have several different types of bikes kept in my garage vintage mainly email me and i will know your serious

  • Luis

    Is this bike being sold near Long Beach, Ca . I’m interested in buying this bike. Please respond

    • luis rivera

      hi, can you tell me how can i found the year of my bike. it has a serial# of d6344080

  • renee

    Hey! This is the same exact bike that I asked for three years in a row for Christmas/guess either Santa couldn’t fit it on his sleigh or I was really bad. lol Either way I have always wanted one and in this exact pretty blue color. Is this bike still for sale? If you have already sold it do you know where I could possibly get one? Long shot I know. Just let me know or you can e mail me at reneemw69@yahoo.com


    Renee Warner

  • Fred

    Need tires for my free spirit 10 speed. They are 26 X 1 3/8

  • Jssw71

    i want to buy this bike from BOB A

  • Jssw71

    i want to buy this bike from BOB A

  • Sue

    how can i get a hold of Bob so i can buy this bike?

  • Louis Wilson

    A couple weeks ago my Huffy 12 speed bike was stolen without a lock and chain, I really need another bike. Are these bikes really free

  • Jdlipomi

    Bob< i just pulled a ten speed free spirt sears and roebuck bike out of my basement. I like new sifter was very stiff from sitting around. I broke off one of the position shifter handles trying to free it up. Are these parts around for repair?

  • http://twitter.com/ckirk2153 Cynthia Kirk

    I would love to have a 10 speed free spirit bike. I got one for my 16 the birthday. I wanted a mans. My parents thought I wad crazy. I loved that bike very much. It wad more white than blue. Someone stole it from me in1977. I would really love to have one now. I would keep it until the day I died.

    • rodman

      i have a nice green free spirit in great shape, all original soft seat and all, brakes and cables work
      great too , which blows my mind for a 38 year old bike, 1975 10 speed sears and ro.
      if your interested write me

  • BeaterRezQ

    Cynthia Kirk, where arounds are you located? I am in the greater Phoenix metro area and I am in the very near process of donating this Sears bike to someone. Let me know soon…

  • frespase@yahoo.com

    ihave a mens free spirit ten speed in red. asking 125.oo nyc area. its almost mint..

  • Roger b> Glasscock

    I just got a sears and roebuck free spirit ten speed bike. It has the rack on the back and it is green with white pin stripping. It appears to have all the labels on it with either brown or white wall tires. Can anyone tell me the appropriate age of this bike and how much it might be worth. The low high cable did not work but I fixed that . It has a red light on the back of the seat and a white one on the front. It also has white spoke lights. Thanks in advance for the help. Roger. The green one listed below is the one that have.