• BeaterRezQ

    Bradley G., “not too bad”…you modestly say, That’s Awesome! 38 years old and still looking nearly brand new, Mister I’d say you did real well! –And I think that ol’ Schwinn can double those years. Ever consider gumwall tires to add the “V” to the vintage look, as well as to match up with the tan leather touch you got going there? I’m just sayin ‘, but it’s beautiful as it sits.

  • BradleyG

    I would consider gum walls but this is my commuter bike, and I live in Detroit, MI. Not exactly skinny tire friendly, hence the puncture proof gatorskins. Thanks for the compliment, and I agree, this bike easily has another 38 years in it…

  • Ryan Surface

    I will echo BRQ and say -Beautiful ride Bradley, I really love those Japanese built Schwinns. The Gators are definitely great for avoiding flats , I run 700x25s on one of my bikes, but you could also go with a Panaracer Pasela TG (Tour Guard flat protection) in a gum wall up to 27 x 1 1/4 which gives a nice fat ride and very good puncture resistance. Something to think of when the gators run their course.

    • BradleyG

      The Panaracers weren’t up to task on the streets of Detroit (tried them on my Varsity with the same wheel-set)… Which is a shame, I like the vintage look, plus having all “Panasonic” pieces (down to the tires) would have been cool. It should be noted that with the Panaracers I was flatting about twice a week, since I installed the gatorskins in November ’11 I have only have one puncture flat! (and one that was stem related)

  • Mark D

    And it even has bucket seats! Nice bike, great find. Best of all, you are riding it everyday. With a little care, that bike will run forever. Welcome to the gallery. Thanks for sharing.

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    Now we’re talkin’! Le Tour Power, Baby! Bradley, by nature of your replies to my esteemed colleagues it is evident that you know your stuff. I ride an ’81 SLT and love it. Last night I was comparing geometries with some of the newer commuter/touring bikes and our Schwinn’s were done right the first time. What a sweet ride!

    Congratulations on your delectable find. That was one Benjamin well spent. BTW, how do you like the roll on those conti’s? I’m due for a new set of skins and had decided on the Panaracers but now ya got me wondering.

    • BradleyG

      Continentals hands down… Detroit tested, speed freak approved. Don’t let their bald look fool you, good 365 days a year. Check out outsideoutfitters.com they usually have the best prices, in 27×1.25 and 700c! This bike weighs 27lbs and I have $300 invested, including the brooks! Try that with a modern bike! Plus all I need as far as tools is a Phillips and an air pump…

      • Trailerparkcyclist

        Oh yeah, man, I can go on all day about my bike. I often do, at my website. But check it out: I’m running a 700c Mavic Open Sport with Tiagra hub on the rear and the original 27″ Weinmann on the front. Goofy but oh so sweet when I am fifty miles out and I can gaze down at that big beautiful wheel spinning beneath my hands and all thirty-six spokes humming along just like Ol’ Man Schwinn planned.

        Don’t tell anyone but I drilled that Mavic out for a Schrader valve. I know. But like Cameron is wont to say…’Real men…”

        I got about 300 in mine also and part of that is the Park PCS9 workstand that changed my life.

        Bicycles, baby! Thanks for the link. Headed there now.