• Hugh

    SWEET! Beautiful restoration. You gotta love those handlebars!

    • Dan Martin

      Handlebars are quite usefull going up hills and against the wind. First couple of days using them put a hurtin’ on my abs. Handlebars were the best $11.50 I spent-Ebay find.

  • Ed H

    I look at whats on the curb every garbage night in hopes of finding something like this! Nice bike, good find.

  • Hugh

    I gotta ask you this.where did you get the name Bricknd? I only ask because I am a semi retired Journeyman mason/contractor.

    • Bricknd

      Brickin’ Dan for long. I used to be a bricklayer and tile setter on gunite swimming pools. Now I build custom fire pits mostly for hobby. This years project pit is shaped like the Harley Davison Bar & Shield. Thanks.

  • jcjr

    Hmm, I registered, how do I post here? My friend has a
    Concord freedom deluxe selecta 12 speed olympic bike and i will put it on craigs list, I wondered in good shape if $300 is a fair price, new tires and brakes.

  • Alex K

    This is like an 83 or 84

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      You’re right Alex, I didn’t look close enough when I posted this, I was so taken by the handlebars!:)