• edh


    Your story is very similar to my story. This May I decided that pushing 260 was too much to take. I started walking and riding my Huffy Mountain bike (yuk). Soon I bought my Schwinn Contential and started riding even more 10 – 15 miles/weekday more on the weekends. I also started jogging/walking at lunch at work. As of today I have dropped over 60 lbs! I run 4 miles on the weekdays and ride my Huffy Le Grande (winter bike) 13 miles on Saturday and Sundays now that the weather has turned. I also enjoy tearing these old bikes apart and getting them back on the road. I only wish I was fortunate enough to find a Le Tour on trash day, and it is not like I am not looking!

    Keep up the workouts and keep submitting those bikes, I find both inspiring!

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com sprocket56

    I had a Concord Freedom 12 aka Selecta 12. I`m not sure why it had two names. But it was a fine bike. And was comparable(in ride)to the Raleigh Touring bike I also had at that time.

  • Jamie

    Just commented on another Gran Fury on this site. Looks like yours is identical with the same decals, color, and group. I figure it is 1974-1975 range. Great story and great bike.
    Picked one up on Craigslist this winter, down in Zanesville, OH for $35. The guy saw his neighbor put it out for the garbage truck and decided to save it…win win, he got $35 profit and I have a great bike for my 13 year old son. It has a smooth as silk ride and everything is original, it was like the thing was in the basement for 30+ years…the original brakes look virtually new.
    Keep on rolling!

  • olga

    Hello my name is olga I Have a Gallery 2 precision 10 Speed bike for sale! It’s about 30 years old. It’s in very good condition only needs new tires have no Room for it in my home . It’s a woman’s bike.
    If interested plz
    call 347 299-8753 or 646 429-8366