• BeaterRezQ

    BRQ, ….oooops, that’s me!
    Friends, fans, followers that congregate here at this wonderful Gallery–I want you all to chime in with a comment. I traded the Specialized (pictured below) for this Centurion/Diamond Back straight across with no money exchanged. Since then, I have wondered who got the better deal? Both bikes were/are nearly flawless and very close to original. The Specialized was outfitted with quality components, the DB equally as well.
    **to note: I paid $60 for the RockHopper

  • Ryan Surface

    BRQ in the house! First of all if you essentially paid $60 this flawless DB/Centurion you got a great deal. Love those late 80’s early 90’s Miami Vice influenced paint job and smoked components.

    • BeaterRezQ

      Hey Ryan, thanks! Most “road guys” would probably agree that I got the better deal, but the Specialized Dealer didn’t even flinch when I offered to trade clean used bike for clean used bike. Matter of fact, Dealer at first thought I wanted money along with the bike and was almost visibly thrilled that all I wanted was bike for bike. The RockHopper came with nice components, such as Vuelta, Manitou, Dia-compe, Deore, Ritchey. I know that the DB/Cent is older, but that’s what I am all about–nice older rides…besides 89-90 is not THAT old.

  • Owen P

    Nice! Like the clean and modern look, but still with older design touches. Great find!

    • BeaterRezQ

      Owen P., thanks for your kind words!
      The Diamond Back is just light enough to be quick and responsive, yet heavy enough to be solid and stable..comfortable.

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    Beater, the reason We The Elite hang out here is because we are aware of the magical qualities of old steel road bikes. That dealer probably is still marveling at his luck. But that is because he is in the business of selling bicycles, not cherishing them. You have held true to the faith and Rezqued yet another Little Darlin’.

    That is an important thing to do and you are really good at it.


    • BeaterRezQ

      TPC, thanks Brother for your kind words!
      I was thinking about skipping today with the replies due to the carnage in Colorado, but I refuse to allow some idiot to change anything about the way I live my life. I had no intentions on watching Batman prior to the release of the dvd, but who knows…I might go watch it tonight!?! Heck, if we don’t get some mammoth dust storm I might even take the Diamond Back?
      Happy Trails, B