• BeaterRezQ

    …concerning Cam’s mention of not being a “fan of these derailers”, actually to be quite honest with you–I’m not a big fan of any component that is built with plastic or a steel/plastic combo. (imho) Something about plastic screams disposable.
    I picked up this Sears FS12 for next to nothing, restored it to complete functionality from the parts bin of my local shed. Other than two new tires it is basically original, minus upgrades–bars/killer mattress saddle. At work we have a pool, throw your name in a hat, if you are interested. I look for one honest person to pull name out of hat (that usually takes longer than the restoration of said bike)…if your name comes up, YOU WIN BIKE. Eventually, this will most likely be the fate of this FS12.
    BRQ….biking should be fun.”

  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    Some day in a future far away ye shall be called Saint BeaterRezQ, He that brought upright riding to the Many.

    The common man turns his back on a drop bar bicycle because they are scary and imply strenuous activity. Those bars you install promise gentle afternoons and dappled sunshine, friendly conversation and and picnics. Never stop.

    yer admirer, TJC

  • BeaterRezQ

    O’ bringer of cheer and good tidings…
    Your warm, encouraging words soften my heart and bring a slight grin to my chiseled scowl.

  • Ryan Surface

    Nice Resto as always BRQ and thanks for the before picture! quite a transformation. Where most people would see “garbage” you saw an elegant townie with the promise the TPC so eloquently described below. Chapeau sir.


    sweeet conversion man. i like the blue as you know from my latest project picks,
    waiting on silver housings to finish her, hope the client like it as much as i do
    keep up the great work love seeing your builds

  • BeaterRezQ

    Thanks all for your positive feedback!
    Doc, looks like another candidate for OTSOTM!!
    Ryan…will try harder to submit before/after pics from now on.