• Jay Weber

    For nine bucks, I’d be tempted to ride it as-is until something breaks!

    The pedals, assuming they’re original, seem to have the reflectors, so that would put the age of the bike at ’72 or later.

    Jay W.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    You can`t go wrong for 9 bucks! About those Cheng-Shin gum-walls. I would “suggest” you try Kenda Gum-Walls. I have had better luck “seating” them on the rim. And better luck with them staying there. I have found if you search Google (shopping) you can usually find them pretty cheap.I wonder if anyone else out there in “old ten speed land” has found this to be true for them too.
    And I agree with Jay, I would not dump too much money into it. “Like I ever follow that advice..lol”

  • James M

    My 1978 Columbia has Suntour hardware. Look on the back side of the front derailleur (see small photo 3 on
    Jim M’s Columbia) on this site. Mine had the letters TK
    stamped on the piece. I found a website that gave me the date of manufacture for the bike parts. In my case
    TK was November of 1977 in Japan. The frame serial number was from 1978 so I was able to pinpoint the year as 1978. I noticed your bike has the Columbia badge. Mine has a foil sticker instead of the badge so your bike is pre 1978. Here is a link to the website, even if your hardware isn’t Suntour, they give codes for several hardware manufacturers.

    I live too far from work to ride there but I ride
    on the weekends when the weather is favorable.
    Since having my bike posted last September, I added a vintage “Archer Road Patrol” radio to my bike.

    I hope you enjoy your bike once you get it going.
    The bike looks pretty descent considering its probably 30 or 40 some years old.

    Here is the link if you haven’t already checked.


    Jim M

  • Flash

    Oil, oil, oil, then oil some more, then ride.

  • http://burnmetal.wordpress.com Jim

    Outstanding! I have this exact bike. Bought mine for 8 dollars at a church garage sale πŸ™‚ Same color, etc. Mine is a 1966 Columbia Lenox.

  • http://burnmetal.wordpress.com Jim

    Got the date for you:

    1964 – N-26184 through N-370693

    Care of http://oldroads.com/co_sn.asp

  • http://Oldtenspeedgallery Hillbilly

    I have the exact same bike that I found in the trash!! Put air in the tires and done some oil’n and rode fer bout 2 miles. Still has air and no sqeeks. If anyone would like to buy it….make offer πŸ™‚

  • http://Oldtenspeedgallery Hillbilly

    I found the exact same bike in the trash!! Put air in the tires and a bit of oil’n and rides like a dream. I dont need it, so if anyone would like to buy it please make offer πŸ™‚

  • awesome.

    i just found this bike in the trash.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A3Q6UZ463UDLKOV6QU2BLOZ474 Steve

    i got a Question” my Father Picked up a Columbia 10 Speed 26 speed or gears” lol sorry i dont know much about them” he got it at Saint vinnies Depaul for 16 bucks
    the Serial Numbers are 4037 -4146 please point me in the right Direction for finding out about it” thank you much

  • Serveck

    I have one JUST like this, serial number: N52173, i believe it is also a 1964 (not 1970 like i originally thought) sat in a basement its entire life and it only has 1075 miles (2 put on by me). i picked it up off the original owner who has taken excellent care of it. adjusted cables and re-greased the chain and it rides like brand new.

  • Jim

    I had this exact same bike brand new in eighth grade, which would make mine 1974. The rear derailleur was probably the weakest link. It was steel and I replaced it with an alloy Suntour. Remember think the bike was getting lighter due to the alloy, probably slimmed it down to a svelte 34 lbs.

  • Cary Moore

    i had one of these, rode it to school. Had bought it for me at yard sale in 1976 and it looked brand new.