• Jeff Wyke

    I saw your picture of your 1983 Free Spirit. Do you know what the value on something like this would be. I have the exact same bike. Frame tag is 7/83 as well. Same color all original in very good shape. Please let me know if you can thanks jeff.

  • rob

    I had an 83 Free Spirit that looked just like that when I was 11 until I went to college. I can’t believe that one has held up so well. The chrome rims and handle bars on mine started rusting less than a month after I got it even though the bike was always kept in the garage. Dad complained to Sears about it and they gave him a new set of handlbars and they rusted pretty quick too. That silly cottered crank was always working loose, and would go clunk, clunk, clunk every time the crank went around. I was taking welding in Jr high shop class so I took it to school and spot welded the pedals to the shaft. LOL

    I think mom and dad finally sold that old piece of junk at a yard sale they had while I was in college since I had replaced it with a Univega Activa Action to ride around campus.

    My sister had a Free Spirit Greenbrier that was a couple years newer and by then Sears had gotten rid of that stupid cottered crank and the chrome on hers held up much better too.