• older1

    Definitely a great, classic Nishiki, Chris; it’s in amazing condition for its age! It looks like you’re keeping it in good shape.

  • BH-old-legs

    Nice bike. I bought an Olympic Royale in 1979 just before getting married. Still have the bike and still married. I’ve changed out the tires, seat, front crank and rear set. Had to chnge gearing to match my age.

  • Junk250

    With cheese, I finally got it ! haha

  • Junk250

    Yea its got all the bells and whistles, I haven’t seen any others with bar-cons, all Sun-Tour, mirror, leather saddle ect. original.

    I’ve been riding the heck out of it, just ride and ride and never a problem.

    Definitely a superior bike, like comparing a ford with a BMW.

    • Vintage bike

      I have a 1977 Olympic Royale as well, similar color but with light blue pin stripes. Mine has bar-cons as well, love these bikes!

  • Finn

    where did you search the serial number? I just picked up a bike just like yours same brand of everything, mine is silver and has the splash guards on it still. everything looks original, I actually bought 2 but the other one is smaller and has a few differences