• edh

    This is the kind of story that keeps me going to garage sales, yard sales and thrift stores in search of bikes.

    This bike is great, I will give you the chance to more than double your money and sell it to me for $50!

    • Ken

      I had the exact same bikem, and color, in NC from 1982-84. I bought and sold for $400. I’ve seen one on ebay fro $2999. I rode a few thousand miles. Good bike, my hands would get numb on long rides, even with gloves, road vibration.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com sprocket56

    Good Luck with that edh…lol

  • tomshiba

    Only $20! You are so lucky. I would someday love to have a Schwinn Paramount. Wanted one back in 1972 when I ordered my Super Sport. Still want one. What a beautiful piece. Store it under glass. Curious, how does it ride compared to other Schwinn ten speeds?

    • Spike

      I did not ride this bike, before I sold it on eBay for a hefty profit. It was too small for me, to begin with, and the tires were shot. I sold it in “as-is” condition with a warning to the buyer that it was not safe to ride.

      The Schwinn Paramount was a totally different bike from anything else Schwinn made in 1974, more like a fine European bike than the stone-age mass-market bikes they made.

  • hl

    i have one just like it, 1975 though, what did you get for yours?

  • Chris P.

    Just shy of $1000, which I thought was a steal, but I didn’t mind, having paid only $20 for it. There was some question about an indentation on the left chainstay, which might or might not have been a dent; suffice it to say that there were some very opinionated people watching that auction.