• older1

    No steel shortage on the OTSG! It must be a nostalgic time-warp for you, Christopher, and still in rideable shape. That head-tube distortion tells me it took a hit once-upon-a-time, and would account for the steep fork angle. In comparison, the seat-tube angle looks so relaxed and laid-back, it’s almost asleep!

  • Ryan

    That funky 70’s top tube decal has me hearing disco funk in my head -love it. Cameron maybe you need a special Distinctive Decorative Details section on OTSG cause this one deserves and award…or something.

  • Daniel Allen

    My grandpa recently gave me this EXACT bike. I had to replace every single cable on the bike but everything else was in perfect condition. I can’t seem to find out anything about Iverson bike. Do you know what year it was made?

  • William Edwards

    I need replacement for front brake cable. Any hints

  • Sean Scriver

    How do I find out information on my ilverson grand sport 10 ?

  • Sean Scriver

    What is the bicycle worth and how do I find or get original parts for this bicycle?