• Trailer Park Cyclist

    All week Raleigh’s keep popping up, on rides, on the Web, everywhere I look. That’s OK with me. Maybe one is about to find its way to My Little Trailer by the Highway.

    Is that some kind of James Bond ejection device attached to the seat post/rack?

  • julie s.

    I think it may be earlier than 70’s by the look of the fork-hansome ride!

  • Ryan Surface

    Tim Joe here in the rainy wet climes we call that device a bungee, and we use it to attach our rain gear to the rack, all though in that picture it does sort look like a big sling shot -possibly used for covering a quick escape?

    I like this Record but its kind of a mystery- the fork looks like it came off a 3 speed Raleigh as Julie pointed out, the brakes are side pull not the typical center pull of this model and it has a very nice brooks which most of the entry level Raleigh did not have. And…..oh Damn I have been spending too much time looking at Scans of old bicycle catalogs!

    Cody nice bike hope the ride is smile inducing

  • Mark G

    Well, there it is! Been poking about the interwebs trying to find a bike like mine. Many are close, but my quest is over. Same forks, though mine is certainly worse for wear. Would love to sand blast the frame and spruce it up, but can’t locate proper decals (cursive “Record” and “Raleigh”). If anyone has a line on those specific decals, please advise. Not quite sure if this is ’68 or a 70’s model. I’ve had it since the late 70’s. Just put fresh tires on it (not pictured) today. Looking forward to taking it for a spin. Great to see your fine specimen!