• Flash

    Once upon a time, one epic pie plate ruled them all! Very nice period correct machine, this one could be in a museum. Kabuki…indeed.

    • Lmelkey

      I have the same model….bought it on layaway at $10 a week through the winter months….everything original except the wheels and tires. anyone interested in buying it??

      • Beetlejuice26

        I am interested call me 973 866 8441

  • Mark D

    Sorry to hear about your arm, but the important thing is that the bike was undamaged! 🙂

    Great find — I do love the Japanese bikes. I live in South Broward, so we’re almost neighbors. Hope to see you (and your OTS) out on the road.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Great Looking Bike. And it is nice to see you replaced the front tire with one that actually matches the rear.
    And Cameron is right,It has all the cool 1970`s stuff.
    My favorite being the chrome tip fork. I don`t know that I would have chosen sea-foam cork-tape. But that is really unimportant. It is a very cool bike!

  • Laverack

    Nice ride! I must ask, however, just how light is superlight?

    • Connor

      The superlight weighed around 30lbs the last time I measured it. It’s pretty heavy, but I’m guessing it was Kabuki’s lightest model.

  • http://hubnride.blogspot.com/ hub ‘n ride

    this is super… i love your bike

  • dkennelly

    Nice looking. I have a ’74 C.Itoh “Super Light”. At a glance the aluminum tubed Super Lights have the cable guide clamps where the bretheren have brazed-on guides. The only thing on the SL frame that isn’t aluminum is the seat tube which is steel because of the quill seat post. The Itoh only has the “Light Alloy” sticker on the down tube. Your’s looks to have the same sticker hidden by your waterbottle cage.

  • dkennelly

    The cable clamps on the SLs usually were at the 5 o’clock position. Only clamps I’ve ever seen that way (with the screws at 6 o’clock).

  • JR Bruce

    Hey Connor, great ride! I have the EXACT same model, but my stickers are in terrible condition… are those the original stickers or did you find a place that sells duplicates? I am desperately looking for a new set so i can get the frame re-coated… any advice that anyone can give would be awesome. Thanks!

  • Virgil

    The Kabuki Super Light model is supposed to be constructed with aluminum tubing with aluminum lugs that were forged around the tubing. Is this bike light in weight? I would be interested in a complete list of the components that came with it, since it seems to be original. Can you list them here? Kabuki’s, C. Itoh, and another name (Emethem, or something like that) are of hobby/passion of mine.

  • craig pasceri

    Are those reflectors on the wheels original? I have a Bridgestone Supercycle (1976) Excalibur with pretty much all the same features (same chain ring, same cassette protector, same cable clamps, same brakes, same pedals, etc). Just began riding it again today. What a difference from my old mountain bike.

    • Terry Daw

      I have one just like it with reflectors like it too. and as far as I know it’s original. tdaw4@sc.rr.com

      • craig pasceri

        In the past six months I have replaced all the bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket; I replaced the rear wheel, tire, freewheel, chain, seat post, seat, pedals, handlebar tape, brake and shift cables and housings and have just discovered a bent rear derailleur hanger. Next I will change the handlebar stem and add an adjustable riser and wider set of drop bars. So far my top speed (in eighth gear) has been 24.3 mph.

  • SabinoGT2


    Hi all.
    Connor you are an inspiration, I have the same bike, I tried to leave it in a restoration like that.
    Greetings from Ecuador