• Trailerparkcyclist

    Nick’s, the Bluebird, Dunn Meadow, Showalter Fountain, and the occasional classroom…thanks for the memories, Craig! I was riding around Bloomington in 1975 on a Raleigh 3-speed. (For Beater: Flat black, flopped and chopped, the shift chain was attached to a piece of fishing line wrapped around the seat post)

    That is a beautiful specimen of Schwinn goodness. Should you one day succumb to the allure of a new Surly LHT, (the new disc version does turn my head, I do confess) you can always polish the old Schwinn and take the occasional springtime ride through our old school campus. I have lived many places and l have had many lives, but my time in “The Womb” will be forever my favorite.


  • BeaterRezQ

    Two nice Schwinn’s in a row and very similar in appearance, nice going Cam!

    Craig C., classy lookin’ Schwinn there. Nice original (Schwinn?) rack….the Brooks saddle and the fenders make for one solid ride. BRQ

  • b

    Hi- I am just now gearing up to restore my ’86 Schwinn Sprint. I have a much smaller frame, but have been concerned when it comes to installing fenders and a rear rack. It looks like you attached the back of your rack to the seat post clamp? And there was enough space to attach fenders? It looks like it would be a tight fit on mine!