• Simon C

    Nice colour scheme!

  • Mark D

    Yowzers! Nothing succeeds like excess. I doff my riding cap to you. Fantastic job. Perhaps we need a new acronym — OTTOTS, Over-the-Top Old Ten-Speed. I’m sure you enjoyed the project, and it’s a great feeling riding a bike that you built yourself. In my book, it’s $$ well spent (but remember, I’m crazy, too). BTW, aren’t those Cyclone derailers sweet?

    • older1

      Okay, forget what I said in another post about contrasting-color gaudiness; Daniel’s Schwinn just plain works! Like a candy-cane on wheels, I bet it rides SWEET!
      Here’s a challenge for David: build the next one in a photographic-negative color-scheme!

    • Daniel V

      Thanks! The Cyclone derailers are nice indeed. My first OTTOTS (nice new category btw) which you can see here: http://velospace.org/node/2739 has the Cyclone Mark II derailers on F & R…and they are even sweeter. cheers. DV

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    There are no words except. Absolutely “Fan -#$%*!#$ – tastic”

  • http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com Tim Joe Comstock

    I wanna ride it. Seriously, I WANT TO RIDE THAT BIKE!

    Over the Top? I really prefer Better Than New.

    Way Better.

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  • Bob H.

    I have a similar frame – badged as a LeTour – which I picked off the curb. Sadly it’s too far gone with paint and rust issues to be worth a restoration. May end up as a single speed. Your bike is beautiful!