• rickshaw

    Just a suggestion, you might try heat to get the tape off. I would suggest a hair dryer to ease the tape off.
    Looks like a very nice ride, enjoy. best rickshaw

    • Cameron

      I would agree, heat to remove then lighter fluid, acetone, or goo gone to clean.

      • Dani

        I got advice from someone about using WD40 and a blow dryer, but it was too late. I’d already started scraping and accidentally nicked the paint up in several places. Then I remembered a friend of a friend in auto body painting. He used his heat gun and has asked one of his coworkers to match the paint for me at a nominal cost.

        Since those photos were taken, I’ve added a generator bike light (front & back) and a simple handlebar bottle cage. That’s all I plan to do to it (I think).