• Andrew M.

    Hey Dave, congrats on finding a beautiful Sekine! As far as I can see, the hardware is all original. When you crack open the bottom bracket, watch out: the bearings are probably loose. They were in my Sekine SHC, anyway.


    • http://kleinschmidt.wordpress.com Dave

      Thanks! Funny you should mention that, as I just finished overhauling the bottom bracket on friday. The bearings were, indeed, loose.

  • John Ford

    I bought one of these new in ’78. Same as yours except it had the other SEKINE lettering. The headset looks the same. I had mine until it was nicked about 1990. Fantastic bike! I put metallic red plastic fenders and red tape on. I really miss it.

  • John Ford

    Oh yeah and a red suede saddle!