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    The picture of the Continental was used in a Craigslist posting in Dallas on 5/4/09: http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/bik/1154274566.html

  • Art Fabel

    I picked up a Schwinn Continental a few weeks ago at a thrift store (I won’t tell you what I paid but had to wait until they had their 50% day in the furniuture department . somehow they classify bikes as furniture . Fine with me. It looks like Dave’s 74 Continental with burgundy paint . Nice condition shiny chrome only a few chips on the top tube. Looks like it is original even the tires which have chickenpox on the sidewalls . I was planning to sell on craigslist afte I do my usual fixup . (oil cables and chain, true wheels so suicide levers work decently, adjust derailleurs and brakes , oil derailleurs and freewheel . Amazing how you can bring a dead freewheel back to life with a few drops of oil inside the body. But after reading some of the posts here on OTSG I was thinking maybe In should let other people retain what I might think are the crappy features that detract from my selling price.
    1. Has matching color handlebar tape original plastic in good condition on one side of handlebar and othe side has a tear on the drops . could replace the tape with some low price handlebar plastic wrap
    2. Has a wheel powered generator ,probably original and fron and tail lights . All of this stuff is still shiny chrome . I usually just strip this crappy lighting system off and put it in the trash can . It’s useless for commuting at night . Like using a flashlight except it goes off whn you are stopped in traffic.
    I still would like to sell this bike for $250 or so to appease my wife who is upset with the junkifying of the yard and basement with to be restored bikes and wheels . Any opinions on keeping the old handlebar tape and lights or even whether I should put on gumwalls or just black tires. They cost me the same but the 27 X 1-3/8 gumwall tires give a nicer ride and less flats . Can’t get 27 x1-1/4 gumwalls anymore , i don’t think.
    How do I submit a picture?

    Art F

  • timothy bowers

    is your chestnut schwinn continental still for sale?



  • Nick

    Hi Dave, I have the identical 1974 Schwinn Continental in the chestnut color as you show here. I bought it when I turned 18 and still have it to this day. I recently bought a high-end hybrid and after riding it for a while, I went back to the 74 Continental and it still rides like a dream and for forty years it has always been kept indoors. I recently replaced the tires and tubes with the same Kenda gumwall tires (upsizing to the 1-3/8″ – hardly noticeable) and couldn’t be happier. The bike is a heavy-weight, and, for good reason. The frame is sensational. I still love the bike that set me back a ton of money at a very young age and has withstood the test of time.