• http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/owner-submitted/alex Alex K.

    The crimped dropouts, the rolled sheet metal stem, awesome graphics, weird reflector and ashtabula cranks; this thing screams Quality.

    Seriously though, you have to give it up to Murray. They were able to make an entire bike out of rolls of sheetmetal. Thats a triumph in itself.

  • Al”whostolemybike?”G

    Murray Iverson Sears. They promised year(s) of joy and somehow, they delivered!

    Groovay graphics, dude.

  • Hugh

    Damn! That`s one ugly bike. I Love it

  • http://OTSG Dave M

    Yes, I bought a new camera. Be lookin’ for sharp, clear pictures of a lotta crap and an occaisonal classic.

  • gary naumann

    it’s zoinks not zoiks

  • gregory

    I would ride that even if it was 50lbs.Looks like it’s about to attack something with those upright bars.

  • Patrick

    That bike is dope!!!

  • http://OTSG Dave M

    I rode this for a while, then donated it to a local charity. It was shipped south, and is now roaming the hills of Kentucky.