• Sam Edwards

    Crazy coincidence. I too found a never ridden Murray Adagio with the little strings (I know there’s a trade name but I’m really new to bikes, but loving it!) still on the tires. Totally mint for $30 at a local goodwill. Perfect bike for a guy like me looking for an efficient way to get around a college campus.

    This site has pretty much the only information I can find on a Murray Adagio. cool stuff

  • Martin

    Yes! I have this exact bike, but the previous owner painted over all the beautiful forest green with an ugly deep blue (except the Murray and Adagio stickers). Also, I have hit a car door and bent one of the brake handles a little.

    This bike, for $45, totally re-energized my love of riding.

  • Alan

    I had this bike as a 12 yr old. Was this thing fast! I could leave my best friend in the dust and he was a much better cycler and in better shape. Sadly enough it was stolen right from my carport in Landrum, SC. Like I lost a friend. As a replacement my family got me a Murray 1984 Olympics….it wasn’t even close to being what my Adagio was. Ever want to sell an adagio, let me know!

    • Bsloat34

      I have a brand new one-EMS did an out of the box build today 8/6/2012.

  • Bluediamond24hrs

    i finde the same bike in de outdoor swat meet for 30 dls and i like i put new red tires new chain and lube de gears ann run perfet i dont nedde a new one bike d it perfet for mi i love

  • Yu Wen Wong

    anyone know how to switch the gears on this bike?