• Hugh

    Very nice. Other than the back wheel,that`s about as good as it gets (condition wise) when it comes to 1980`s Schwinns. Great find.I really like the double strut commuter fenders.Should make a nice foul weather
    work horse.

  • Bernard

    Hi Dave,
    Terrific looking Traveler. I have a similar one, but mine is a little newer (1987), so decals and color (Cadet blue) are a little more eighties. Could you please let me know what fenders you used? They look great and I need some for my fall commute. Are they aluminum or plastic? Thanks

  • Jeff

    What you have there is a 1985 model. The graphic logos are different on the 1980. This is according to the catalogs online @ trfindley.com.

    It’s a great bike (I’ve got one just like it!)