• older1

    Nice bike, David, and in such good condition!
    The rear dropout in the photo appears cast (or forged), not seen on lower-quality frames, lugged or welded. Also, the rims appear to be alloy, and possibly the hubs, which are quick-release, so you’ve definitely got an above-average OTS!

  • Spike

    Nice. The Czechs always made nice stuff, even when they were Communists. This looks like a quality bike. The Favorit copy of the French Simplex derailleur is particularly interesting. Too bad it doesn’t have the bizarre Favorit “Centric” brakes, those were cool.

  • George

    Hi David,

    That’s a great bike. My father had bought me one like this back in 1976 as a present for bringing good exam marks. Are you interested in selling this bike? If yes I would like to buy it for purely emotional reasons.