• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    I love the bicentennial graphics! Great Bike (:

  • Don S

    Very cool bike!
    And all I got was a sweater…

  • Daniel

    Was it originally a bicentennial before you restored it? Neat bike!

    • David

      Yes it was an original bicentennial but it was pretty rough, so I did a complete restoration.

      • older1

        Wow, that’s nice, David: it looks brand NEW!
        Cozy place to make the shot, too! I can almost hear the fire crackling in the background.

  • Allan

    Hi, was just wondering how you restored it and how much it cost to restore? I have one that was a Xmas gift also. How much are they worth restored? I have many great memories and rides on mine!

  • Steve

    OMG, I got that very bike for Christmas when I was a kid! Right next to the tree like in your picture. What memories! Actually, my mom threw a blanket over it and put it in a corner and after all the other presents were opened by me and my sisters, she hinted there might be one more…I was so excited! I rode that thing all over town showing it off that day, and then rode it for years afterward. I have no idea where it is now…for all I know this is it. 🙂 Thanks for the memories, David.

  • Steve

    BTW, your restoration job looks great! The only difference I can detect from the one I had is that the handlebar tape on mine was black.