• laverack

    You know, if you take a second look and think about it, that frame makes a lot of sense and solves a couple of problems; person-and-componentry-wise.

    • older1

      You’re right, laverack, this would be a great, “full-size” OTS for a younger, or shorter, user! One could say this is an early example of low-standover, currently-named ‘compact’ frame geometry (using a sloping top tube/extended seatpost), but since this is an older steel, lugged-frame bike, available seat-tube lugs had a horizontal connection to the top tube (I’m also guessing the top head-tube lug was one for a ‘female’ frame).
      I can’t imagine a frame with a ‘pre-bent’ top tube would be very rigid, but for a low-performance ‘touist’-style bike, it probably has a little extra flex to make it super-comfortable.
      It makes you wonder of someone screwed-up or got-a-killer-deal on the order for the lugs and came up with this simple ‘solution’ to avoid a hit to bottom-line profits!
      Either way, it obviously allows the owner to proudly display their shiny, chromed-steel seatpost!

  • http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com Trailer Park Cyclist

    That rear triangle looks like some kind of dragster.Fat tires and flat bars? Whatever the case, the Panasonic Preservation Society thanks you, DSC.

  • Anonymous

    All the information that I could glean via the Al Gore monstrosity known as the world wide web would indicate that this model of bike was only available in a 17 1/2 ” size. I am 5’9” and ride this bike comfortably, and figure any one between say 5′-6′ could safely do so. Originally this bike came with drop bars, but I retrofitted a more upright touring setup for my old back. Potentially, this bike is wide open for the weird and funky, but for now I am leaving it close to original as possible. Thanks all for your interest!

  • julie s.

    Looks like a reversed cross tube of a ladies frame-LOL Maybe it was the day after holiday festivities on the production line. Nice bike 🙂

  • BeaterRezQ

    julie s.,
    wow, you are quite the observant one. I never noticed that but it does look like a reversed top tube on a ladies frame. Good call!

  • BeaterRezQ

    Here’s another image so that you can utilize the zoom in and out function.

  • BeaterRezQ

    …recently upgraded with more alloy components, whitewalls, shorty fenders and rack. I love my lil’ oddball!