• mike v

    the cranks, lack of a derailleur hanger, sms, and suntour rear derailleur lead me to believe it could be a safari ten. what year it is i don’t know. velobase has the date codes for suntour components, you may be able to narrow it down by getting the code off the back of the rear derailleur.

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    go to mrmartinweb.com this is a bike museum web sight with lots of info & reference material ortry going directly to univega.com . have your serial ##s written down the serial ### will generally give you year/month & model name in many cases good luck

  • John

    Judging by the stem=mouted shiofters, it’s probably an ’80 or ’81. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mark D


    Univega frames were made in Japan by Miyata. It’s my understanding that serial numbers for Miyata and Univega bicycles manufactured from 1972 on used an XX12345 format, with the first letter representing the year, as follows:

    A 1972 B 1973 C 1974 D 1975 E 1976 F 1977
    G 1978 H 1979 I 1980 J 1981 K 1982 L 1983
    M 1984 N 1985 O 1986 P 1987 Q 1998 R 1989
    S 1990 T 1991 U 1992 V 1993 W 1994 X 1995
    Y 1996 Z 1997

    For example, serial #MI12345 would indicate 1984. I don’t know what the rest of the digits indicate.

    Not sure about the model. Look online foe catalogs or search for images that match your bike and components. The chrome forks should help narrow it down.

    Nice looking bike!

  • Wildhogg

    Looks just my Safari Ten. If yours has the centerpull brakes, I would say maybe it’s also a Safari Ten. Maybe someone knows different. – JK

  • Idorofey

    I’m going to say it looks like my univega five star. The best I can tell it must be around 83-85. The serial number is 2 1C3309 on mine, although this doesn’t fit the numbering scheme. The five star stickers on mine look like they could fall off. It has the same braze-ons, same color, same rainbow univega sticker on the bar. Does it have a red, blue and silver plastic badge made to look metal on the front? Was it made it Taiwan and have KHS light tubing, marked above the rainbow sticker?

  • Ryanburnham1313

    It looks like a Safari Ten I just picked up.