• http://ramblingjackslaboratory.blogspot.com/ Jack Durham

    I like the main photo. It looks like something that hostage takers would send with the message “Give us $1 million or the bike is toast.”

  • Monet

    My parents gave me a green Beacon 10 speed on my birthday in 1974. If I remember correctly, the salesman when I chose the bike said Beacon was a British company. I still have the bike but any other information I may have once had on it is long gone.

  • Jeff

    I have a Beacon that I received as a gift in 1977. Nice ten speed with a lugged frame and Suntour components. Will send pics later.

  • Buddysmyth

    I have a green Beacon that my roommate bought on Craig’s List a couple of years ago. I am having trouble (CANNOT FIND ANYTHING) finding out about it. Suntour GT Model RD-1200 rear deraillieurs is all I have come up with. I will post pics ASAP, as I have cleaned it up quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Anyone know anything about Beacon?