• Owen P.

    Wow! Looks sweet. Very “old” looking (and I guess at 41 years, it is!)

  • doc sprocket

    after some more research i have discovered the model is a 1965 & it was sold just like you see it all but the fenders & rack attached is a photo of a very clean one i found on ebay

    • BeaterRezQ

      Wow, that is beautiful!
      And to think what most folks these days would never look twice at……a Sears bike.
      Love the details and the sharp angle on the stem, BRQ

  • BeaterRezQ

    Doc, a true vintage marvel!
    I am sure that was a sweet bike for its time–with the campy components and the flashlight accessory, along with the full fenders that would keep any rider drip-free. The angle on the drop bars sure is funky….how do they feel to ride? Nice acquisition, BRQ

  • Ryan S

    This is the second $50 campy equipped bike on the OTSG I’ve seen this month- what am I doing wrong! Looking forward to seeing this gem after some patented Doc Sprocket love. Great find

  • Captain Blight

    Those fenders are worth about a hundred bucks apiece on the open market.